Legal Documents

Nolan Hill Residents Association Bylaws

Annual General Meeting – Nolan Hill Residents Association
May 9, 2019   7pm – Sage Hill Retirement Residence


Gerry Barron – Anthem United

Introduction and information given about the Developer and how they have maintained and developed the community over the last years. No fees were charged to date as the Developer was maintaining the community until now, as its complete Nolan Hill Residents Association will be turned over to the elected Board this evening. Discussion on decision to hire Astoria to start the Residents Association collections and get landscaping contracts, Insurance and budget in place for turnover to Board.

In Attendance:  Anthem United- Gerry Barron, Bob Faktor, Scott Kleinsasser Astoria-Annette Cameron, Cindy Young

1. Call to Order – 7.33 pm By Gerry Barron. Motion by M David-88 Nolan Lake 2nd by Greg- 44 Nolan Lake View.

2. Gerry Barron announced payment date extended to May 31. No objections. Everyone can vote.

2. Certifying the Proxies and determining quorum- Quorum was not received. Confirmed by Astoria. 5 % needed out of 2431 Members. 11 Units with Proxies and 72 Home owners present. Waited 30 minutes as per bylaws quorum is received with members present.

3. Appointment of the Auditor for Upcoming Fiscal Year -Motion to let Board approve Auditor when time. Motion Dave- 99 Nolan Lake, 2nd Keith- 8 Nolan Hill Gate. No one opposed. Carried.

4. Financials- Cindy and Scott reviewed Current Financials since takeover on Jan 1, 2019 and answered any questions. 

5. Election of the Board

  1. Ada Akpuh
  2. Lyne Vaillancourt
  3. Elaine Friedt
  4. Adil Abubakar
  5. Navdeep Mahendru
  6. David Pon
  7. Atri Maharaj
  8. Francis Okwuraiwe
  9. Thomas McCarthy
  10. Mercedes Broda

Motion to Approve Elected Board -169 Nolan Hill Common, 2nd   180 Nolan Crest Green No one opposed, Carried

5. Questions from the Members.

  • Questions on numbers on Budget- Explained that this was just done as a preliminary estimate as complete year has not been finalized to know exact costs. Funds can be redirected.
  • Questions were asked on trees on Nolan Hill Drive if City maintained.
  • Developer discussed walk around with Board to see If there are any deficiencies that need to be addressed.
  • Questions on why letters were not addressed to Owners by Given name, we explained that we tried to save the Corporation money as would have costed $ 25 thousand minimum to pull titles on all the properties.
  • Discussions on Snow removal and Landscaping were answered.

6. Adjourn  Meeting 8.30 pm